One of the most important parts of the fireplace – hearth


One of the main components of any chimney is hearth fireplace. Whole efficiency and quality of work of such heating system in general depends on it. Therefore its careful choosing and correct installation is the key to long useful life of a fireplace.

Fire chambers can be made of different materials or their combinations. However it is possible to emit some of the most popular materials for production of fire chambers which are used most often. The stone, various metals (steel, cast iron) and brick are belonging to them. Hearth fireplace stone is the classical option. Such device of fire chamber was used in long ago when the fireplace only began to appear in houses. The fire chamber executed from stone has set of advantages, but also isn’t deprived with shortcomings. Its main benefit is that it has capability to gradually warm up the room, and also keep heat long time. An essential shortcoming is the big weight of such fire chamber and complexity of it maintenance. Made from metal are the most acquired fire chambers in the modern world. They have small weight, and also they can quite low cost. Maintenance of such fire chambers is quite conveniently and not difficult. But metal fire chambers have some shortcomings too.


The matter is that over time metal can be subject of corrosion or deformation and that will surely effect on operability of fireplace. As for brick fire chambers, then such option is often used for traditional classical design interiors. For creation of brick fire chamber for a fireplace is used a special fire clay brick. In comparison with a regular brick, fire clay has the increased resistance to high temperatures. Also it has longer working lifespan and higher rates of heat conductivity and capability to hold heat.

In order to give fireplace more original form and look often used various methods of decor of fireplace hearth. The decor can be executed by the manufacturer or be performed и own hands in house conditions. For this purpose the most various heat resisting materials can be used. Often this is decorative stones, tile and forged elements. Hearth fireplace tiles ornament is very convenient and available for any because always possible to choose tile which is suitable for a specific interior decor and will be a successful addition to it.


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