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In the modern world for urban dweller to have a rest with watching fire is the true exotic. Now all this is solved by means of outdoor fire table.

Fire tables are multi-function and convenient devices which will ideally fit into interior of any yard. This is not only successful from the design point of view tables also it is possible to use them as a barbecue maker. Also you can use them just as fire source, without being afraid to damage a lawn.


Designs of outdoor fire pitare differently depending on materials which are used in production of such desk. Wood, metal, artificial and natural stone can serve as such materials. Wooden and metal devices most often look as usual tables – have four legs and a table-top. Table from stone have the massive basis and a big plate which plays a table-top role in the center of such table-top the metal bowl with burning fire is located. Inside it is possible to place smooth polished stones, moulage of firewood or fire-resistant fragments of color glass. They will decorate the center, will give to it unique style. Sometimes people purchasing outdoor glass fire pit kits which fencing place of table-top from burning and with that increasing safety of such desk.

Depending on fuel there can be tables which require firewood, or devices using gas for their work. In gas option type the device for gas supply and bomb are placed in the desk basis. For outdoor fire tables gas propane and much more rare natural gas is used. Wood fuel is used much less often.

The simple fire table can be made diy. For this purpose it is necessary to have elementary skills of work with wood and metal. For a start it is necessary to choose design of desk, then to select materials. It is better to make a framework of such self-made table from metal (pig-iron or steel). The bowl for burning must to be a hemispherical form and made from pig-iron or steel too. Among materials which can be chosen for table-top the most convenient are strong breeds of wood. If you use wood for production of table-top, don’t forget about thermal insulation. Without it heat which will go from the center will damage your desk and will nullify your efforts.


With such desk observation of fire will become your favourite rest at the end of the working week. Also fire table will be able to become irreplaceable attribute for holidays with friends and relatives. Fire one of the first elements which were subdued by human. So don’t refuse to yourself observation of fire.

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