Fire bowls –original idea for pool design


Probably, pool fire bowls will be the most extraordinary decor element for your pool. Such bright accessory will please you with its look and will make happy your guests. Not so often it is possible to meet a harmonious combination of water and fire, but thanks to these bowls everything looks not only originally, but also very interesting. But besides the visual effect there is also a practical side.

Water always since the Ancient Times was a symbol of movement and life. And actually it is quite expedient. Water which doesn’t circulate becomes soiled more and more over time, and waterweeds with many pathogenic microorganisms start to live in it, eventually making water in pool unsuitable for swimming. Therefore fiery bowls can be equipped with system thanks to which the stream or fountain is formed. Due to the movement, water is saturated with oxygen and doesn’t become lentic water, and this will significantly improve a condition of the pool and reduce the need for its additional clearing. Such factors as purity of water, its circulation and saturation with oxygen play an important role if in your reservoir living fishes and other living beings. The condition of water with poor quality will surely have an adverse effect on health and life of your pets. Therefore the practical side of the device sometimes even comes on the forefront.


But the visual component is also very important parameter. Fire bowls were originally inherent to the Mediterranean style, but now such devices can be found almost everywhere. But, of course, mixture of styles is not always pertinent though there are some exceptions in the form of edvardian style. In a classical design such bowls are made of iron, stone or copper. It is explained by physical properties of these materials, and also by their unique appearance. Mostly using of stone and copper is quite clear at the expense of certain climatic conditions of Mediterranean sea where the cognominal style was been engendered. From features of stone fire bowl for pool must be noted high durability and big weight, so such accessory looks quite massive, but also fully natural. In difference from stone the iron fire bowl for pool has smaller weight, but vulnerable to corrosion and that will make an adverse effect if the pool filled or located near salty water. Therefore, indian fire bowl for pool from cooper very often can be the best option due to combination of unique qualities: light weight, durability, resistance to corrosion and effect of patina.

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