Prefabricated fireplaces – an incredibly easy-to-mount constructions

prefab wood burning fireplace box

Most often fireplaces divide on the classical with bricklaying and prefab fireplace. The main feature of prefab fireplaces is the modularity. This is means that they consist from separate details which with ease can be mounted. Also installation and matching of components is rather simple due to commonality of details. The sizes of the details are identical in one model range. Such decision is very convenient so you can collect the personal combination from various components. Thus you will have ability to create a fireplace ideal for you and which will conform to all requests completely. The mantels for prefab fireplace are also provided in desirable designs and styles. The modularity of the fireplace allows creating not only an external component. Also there is a functional that can provide more effective heating with necessary capacity. One more important benefit is that the combined fireplaces don’t need preliminary construction of their base. Therefore this type of construction is much low-weight than its brick analog and can stand directly on a floor.

The flue, glass door and facing chimney surface enters to prefab fireplace kits. In fact it is the main necessary parts which are needed for full work of whole chimney installation. Therefore upon purchase you don’t need to worry about its important components.


As well as in case of the choice of any other source of dwelling heating in prefab fireplace hearth efficiency and capacity is also very important. So try to be determined with heating requirements in advance. If you choose insufficiently powerful system then efficiency of such source will be significantly reduced. In case of already existing adjusted system for heating it is necessary to consider that with assembling of an additional source of heating you will have need in changes of automatic equipment. So try to select the most pertinent values for establishment of stable and necessary temperature in your house. Moreover if you need a fire chamber of high capacity then it will require the organization of additional air flow. This in its turn will cause changes in system of air supply and exhaust ventilation. In some situations it is possible to organize one more special air channel but this is not very convenient because in warm seasons it should be blocked due to the lack of the need for it. Anyway even if such changes will bring the expected result they incur for themselves big financial losses. In all that reasons try to make purchase of system for house heating very carefully from the beginning.

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