Popular minimalist rectangular tables with bowl for fire


Not the first year a trend on rectangular fire table enslave hearts of users who wanted the really original pieces of furniture for backyard. It is easily explained by the fact that there are yet no analogs of so innovative device in the market. The wonderful combination of design and practical side in combination of fire and dining table strikes minds those who already get acquainted with this miracle of the engineering idea. This device is not only a stylish piece of furniture, but also an opportunity to prepare grill directly on the board-top. Such decision is very convenient, because at once after preparation still hot food can be served to a table and won’t cool down. Also during a dinner, flame will create the special romantic and fascinating atmosphere before which your soulmate won’t be able to resist. Therefore at the expense of such clear and powerful advantages the table with bowl for fire lives in hearts of many people.

From a set of desks of this type it is necessary to distinguish a real flame baltic rectangle fire table in glacier possessing absolute minimalism which has attracting and unostentatious style. All of this makes such board one of the best purchases available in this category. Reserved style allows using such piece of furniture in many design decisions and therefore due to universality, the baltic table with bowl for fire loved by many for simple and beautiful emphasis on an overall picture of interior.


A main competitor of the previous model is napoleon rectangular fire table. Executed in similar stylistics, but with additional visual elements, such board will be pleasant to you if you not the supporter of excessive simplicity but respect the minimalist direction in decoration and design. If the baltic desk is more look like a monolith or glacier, then the napoleon rectangular board with bowl for fire is closer to classical table. Therefore at the expense of such competitors which in many respects similar, but on the other hand completely different, to user is much easier to choose the table, which will be most suitable for pre-conceived design idea.

Rectangular gas fire pit with small size can be the alternative decision in case of the original desk selection. The small sizes and gas-main, instead of the troublesome classical wood make this type of the table with flame one of the most available and convenient among a great numbers of others.


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