Unusual and original decoration of a table


If you think about how to create a comfortable and cozy interior at home, then availability of tabletop fire bowl will be very opportunely. Such original fireplaces create the unconstrained atmosphere, the flame from […]

Fireplaces with zero clearance for saving of housing free space

Napoleon Zero Clearancea

If you have not enough free elbow-room for brick fireplace, then instead of it you with ease can install the zero clearance fireplace. This device is an irreplaceable symbol of the family hearth and […]

Fireplace boxas very important and necessary element of the heating device


Fireplace boxis the most important part of any fireplace because in it happens combustion of fuel with the subsequent allocation of heat which warms up the room. There are rather large number kinds of […]

Construction ofthe fireplace – exciting and interesting employment


Fireplace constructionis rather difficult and costly work which not everyone is able to afford. However if after all you still decided to make it, then finally it is possible to receive excellent result. Before […]

Fire bowlsand their purpose


Thegas fire bowl– now is very popular subject of the landscape decor because such device can be perfectly added to almost any exterior and become its bright accent. For creation of such jorums the […]

The fabulous tables with fire


Gas fire tablewas always one of the most interesting ideas for backyard. Such element of furniture has not only esthetic value as regular ornament. In addition to impressive appearance this desk also has broad […]

Unique table with bowl for fire


Fire pit table set is surprising furniture for your yard. If you wanted really original decision connected with fiery element, but still finally haven’t decided in choice, then it is desirable to pay attention […]

The variety of setsfor fireplace facing


At decoration of your housing the fireplace mantel kits plays rather important role. It is not only system for house heating, but also peculiar central element of an interior. Therefore it is impossible to […]

Interesting variant of bonfire simulation

large outdoor fire pits for saleoriflamme-fire-pit-tablepropane-gas-fire-pit-with-tile-mantellarge-outdoor-fire-pit

If you like to spend time near the fire, but do not want to spend time to the purchase of coal, spend money and effort to installation and ignition of the fireplace or barbecue, […]

Rectangular table with live fire – good addition to the backyard


If you look a table for yard on which possible to fix fire, then rectangular fire pit table will be one of the best options because in this product originality, beauty and practicality are […]