Luxurious marble fireplaces


The fireplace often plays not only the role of heating system, but also occupies a serious part of house interior. If you want to achieve the maximum visual effect from fireplace, then it is […]

Saving space and resources with the embedded electric fireplace


Modern electric fireplace insertis one of the most popular versions of heating devices. The main benefit is that its installation doesn’t require more place than a picture of same size. It is mounted by […]

Fender as a practical element of protection from open fire


Obligatory element of any fireplace is fireplace fender. It is intended to make barrier from fire, but also can be used not only for this purpose. Due to its design, such element plays very […]

Galvanized ring for bonfire – an excellent protection from fire in outdoor recreation time


Galvanized fire pit ring is intended for safe build of campfire at the yard and outdoors. If you often have to make fire or to do a grill, then such construction for you will […]

Fire bowls –original idea for pool design


Probably, pool fire bowls will be the most extraordinary decor element for your pool. Such bright accessory will please you with its look and will make happy your guests. Not so often it is […]

Rectangular table with live fire – good addition to the backyard


If you look a table for yard on which possible to fix fire, then rectangular fire pit table will be one of the best options because in this product originality, beauty and practicality are […]

Varieties of the fireplace inserts and importance of their correct choice


Basic element of any chimney place is fireplace firebox. Therefore it is required approach to its choice with the maximum responsibility because due to its work comfort and cosiness from whole fireplace are provided. […]

Limestone as a material for lining of fireplaces


For lining of fireplaces the most various natural and artificial materials can be used. The most widespread is wooden, granite, brick, marble and limestone fireplace. Due to properties of these facing materials such heating […]

The indispensable metal cover for a fire pit


One of the simplest accessories for barbecue and fire pits is metal fire pit coveror lid. At first sight this is just usual cover, but on the other hand difficult to overestimate its importance […]

Elegant victorian fireplace – good purchase for room decor

victorian fireplace hearth tilesvictorian-fireplace-mantels-with-mirrorvictorian-fireplace-inserts-gasvictorian-fireplace-floor-tiles

Thevictorian fireplace is the embodiment of classical English style. It since the Queen Victoria rule was necessary in any dwelling, and its value was indisputable. Earlier the fireplace was an obligatory element of any […]