Types of fireplace casings design


In the modern world with huge number of technical innovations very few people use classical fireplaces. In stylish interiors more often is possible to find only some elements of fireplaces – mostly its casings. […]

Types of mantels for fireplace


The cast stone fireplace mantels this is an excellent option for interior design. Such design looking very restrained, laconically, but in same time has a refined style. The minimum quantity of detailsand monotone make […]

Installation of fireplace – great way to emphasis the interior of house


Often the fireplace is the central figure in room therefore with paying a due attention to stone fireplace mantels you will be able to create the full design work of art which will become […]

Cast stone fireplaces as not costly but beautiful decorative solution

fireplace-mantel-decorating-ideas-for-christmascultured-stone-fireplace-mantel-shelvescast stone fireplace mantels americacast-stone-fireplace-mantels-and-surrounds

Observation of fire is really pleasant pastime and will become even more pleasant if to enjoy it with cast stone fireplace. The construction of all fireplaces is approximately identical: portal, cast stone fireplace hearth. […]

The variety in the style of modern fireplaces design


Now to replace classical style of fireplaces decoration come the contemporary fireplace mantels. Such tendency has begun some years ago when modern style came back and soon transformed into hi-tech style. There was a […]

Fireplacemantel – as central decorative element

corner-fireplace-mantels-2corner-fireplace-mantel-kitsTraditional fireplace mantelcorner-fireplace-mantel-shelf

The corner fireplace mantels is the most noticeable part of an angular design, its choice must be careful and well thought over. Angular fireplaces are very popular now because they design makes possible to […]

The importance of the electric fireplacemantel


Existence of beautiful and qualitative electric fireplace mantelsis very important for giving to device the similarity of real chimney. For performance of this design are often used the same basic materials, as for creation […]

Luxurious marble fireplaces


The fireplace often plays not only the role of heating system, but also occupies a serious part of house interior. If you want to achieve the maximum visual effect from fireplace, then it is […]

The variety of setsfor fireplace facing


At decoration of your housing the fireplace mantel kits plays rather important role. It is not only system for house heating, but also peculiar central element of an interior. Therefore it is impossible to […]

The importance of the fireplacepreliminary grading design


In the process of mounting a fireplace it is rather important not only to follow fire safety regulations, but also organize fireplace mantel surround. It becomes an indivisible element of interior design, and possible […]