Modern analogue of classical fireplace


Stone electric fireplaceamaze with their functionality and wide assortment because in difference from habitual classical fireplaces which our ancestors used electric has unique advantages. First of all for its installation you don’t need to […]

Variants of modern fire pits


The wood burning fire pit kitswill help you to equip with ease the place for fire ignition. Such zone will be completely isolated therefore you shouldn’t worry about the equipment for fire safety. Thanks […]

The best 30 fireplace surrounds

fireplace surround ideas
Fireplace Surround SpanBuilding a Custom Electric Fireplace Surroundconcrete fireplace surroundLarge Wooden Fire Surround

When you are choosing a fireplace, you must also be browsing fireplace surrounds. There is a large choice of the pieces which will be surrounding your hearth. Usually they come in ready sets. First […]