Features and variants of fireplaceframework


As the fireplace often holds central position in the room design and attracts a large amount of attention, its appearance must be faultless. The main part of this heating system is wood fireplace surroundsand […]

Bellows– an integral part of fireplacequality work


If you think about purchasing and installation of fireplace, you shouldn’t forget that its long-term work requires careful maintenance which is carried out by means of special accessories. One of the tools that facilitate […]

Marble fireplace – the perfect solution for comfortable interior


If you thought about delightful design of the room with fireplace, then marble fireplace mantel will become its best decoration. Scientists noticed that marble was extracted used in life by our ancestors since ancient […]

Chimney cap as an important component of any fireplace


If you use the fireplace in the house then for certain you thought about high-quality protection of the house against combustion products. For this purpose there are special devices – flues which shall be […]

The indispensable metal cover for a fire pit

outdoor-fire-pit-coverCopper By Designcustom-metal-fire-pit-coversmetal-fire-pit-square

One of the simplest accessories for barbecue and fire pits is metal fire pit coveror lid. At first sight this is just usual cover, but on the other hand difficult to overestimate its importance […]