An excellent analogue of traditional fireplace


All know that firebox insert are most convenient for placement in the house. But not always even such type of a fireplace can be installed in some constructions, including multiple-dwelling because fire safety regulations and construction regulations is prohibit doing this. But at the same time many people loving pleasant heat from chimney place and look of flame tongues. One of the most acceptable, options probably is firebox insert electric. Of course, it is not a classical chimney place, but also good option if to get acquainted closer with its benefits. Thanks to some properties, the electric fireplace is even better in comparison with stone or pig-iron devices. As for installation and maintenance the electric fireplace insert heateris the simplest and best of all. Its installation doesn’t require special permissions, and is fast and simple. Some models can be transferred into the other room without any changes in a structure of the room. For example, dredging in a wall or air-channel isn’t required at all. In the course of operation you don’t need to care about number of fuel reserves, in the form of firewood or coal. Also, you do not need to shovel the ash or lay communications for gas.

This device is much safer because doesn’t allocate soot or ashes either. Therefore the fireplace can’t become the reason of poisoning with carbon monoxide. Glass of electric chimney place in heating mode doesn’t heats up much and therefore you will never be able to take burns. In such mode, it is possible to heat the room in absolutely small periods of time. And functions of flame visualization and heating go on separately. Therefore you can enjoy of view flame though all the year round.


There is a variety of forms and types of electric fireplace installation. You can install an electric fireplace as traditional, with use of technics all inherent to it. Or you can use such installation which for traditional fireplace is simply not possible. For example, electric fireplace insert mount on wallcan be installed much above in the wall, than regular fireplaces. This model doesn’t take a lot of place and it can be installed even directly in the center of a wall.

Taking in account all benefits of firebox insert electric it isn’t surprising that they are an excellent analog of classical chimney places. They perfectly performing their functions and can supplement many modern interiors.


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