Frontal fireplace in modern interior


Fireplace frontsare the most popular model among big variety of chimney places. Existence of such chimney place will bring comfort, coziness and heat in any interior.

Frontal chimney places have set of the positive sides. First of all it is possibility of mounting fireplace in already ready construction of building. That means that such chimney place doesn’t require house construction changes – it mount near partition-wall at its center on order the heat was spread uniformly on whole room. Because the chimney place has good heating opportunities it can be used as the single and main source of heating. Also such chimney place is rather safe, firm and longevous. However modern fireplace fronts have also row of shortcomings from which main thing is rather big weight. The chimney place weight leans on house floor therefore before its installation necessary to strengthen floors and base. If the base is erected incorrectly, than you will have big risk of fireplace base damage which lead to lowering its working capacity.


As for facing of such fireplace there are no special requirements. For this purpose various basic materials can be used. Of course all of them must have good resistance to high temperatures or be processed by special heat-resistant solutions. For example excellent option of facing is fireplace fronts stone. The facing stone can be natural or artificial, the main thing that it was in the same style as room interior in general. The chimney placerevetted with stone always looks very effectively and expensively. It can be decorated by means of various technics and decor elements. If all jewelry is chosen correctly and with taste, then the fireplace will become main and favorite element of interior.

High-quality maintenance of fireplace requires existence of special accessories. One of the most important of them is cover for fireplace front. This accessory is used to close fire chamber when chimney place doesn’t work. This is need in order that cold air from the street didn’t get into house. Such cover is often made in style of chimney place and become harmonious continuation of it. Cover can be made of various materials and also originally decorated. For decoration of the cover forged elements or decorative painting are often used.


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