The advantages of granite fireplaces


Granite fireplaceis one of the most widespread versions of heating devices of such type. Since very old times such fireplaces were used for heating of rooms and for creation in them the cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Now these devices didn’t lose their value.

Granite fireplaces have all those characteristics which must possess the high-quality device for heating. This natural stone has the high level of fire resistance that is very important for long work of fireplace. Also this material a rather strong and reliable and of course granite fireplaces is very beautiful and attractive. Therefore they are the central element of room decor which always draws general attention.


Revetted with granite can be all fireplace or some of its components. Of course contemporary granite fireplace mantels look very beautifully and attractively but however this option costs rather much. The mantel can be executed with cast method or assembled from separate granite plates. Both options found pertinent application in modern interiors. Also granite tiles fireplace hearth are very often used because this is less costly option. The tile which is used for facing of fire chamber is provided in rather wide assortment. Therefore the choice of that which is more suitable for a specific interior won’t be difficult and long.

Fireplaces which have additional elements are very convenient in use. By means of this it is possible to decorate such heating device and to focus attention on it. For example quite widespread option is granite fireplace mantel shelf. On such shelf it is possible to place various decorative elements in the form of pictures, photos or any other memorable things. They will add not only decoration for fireplace but also to all interior in general. Such shelf can be any size and a form. It can be decorated by using various technics and tools. It is also possible to purchase the similar shelf in a set together with chimney casing or to purchase it separately.

In choosing facing of fireplace it is always necessary to pay attention not only to external signs. Also it is worth taking care about quality and durability of facing material. The granite fireplace if it is executed in observance of all regulations and requirements, will serve you a long time. It will bring live heat, pleasant aroma from burning logs and the great joy to its owner.


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