The variety of steel fire rings


You like to watch on flame, got fire bowl, but there are problems with its work? Perhaps your center needs to be equipped with steel fire pit ring.

Simple steel circles protect the center of fire-bowl or bowl of your fire table. Establish such circles for protection of the center against wind and water hit. Also they help to keep form of hearth. Besides protective steel circles are necessary for big centers isolation around them also other heat insulators are installed (filled with concrete or fiber glass). If the center performs function of barbecue, it is possible to supply it with steel fire pit ring with grill. The lattice for grill or is built in circle or attached on bracket. The option with bracket is more convenient because with it the lattice for grill can be removed. The lattice can be in set with circle or you can attach another to bracket. Except usual simple steel circles it is possible to install steel fire pit ring with cooking grates. On such lattice it is possible to cook fish, vegetablesand various fruit desserts.


If you thought that rings can with only simple construction then you are mistaken. With development of technology metalwork the rings had more opportunities. Now except ordinary metal circles, decorative samples are created. Such circles are mounted not in center, but little higher, at the level of flame tongues. Also they can be with different degrees of complexity. They vary from simple geometrical patterns to difficult florid patterns. Patterns also can be different. For example, it can be animal or greenery motives or patterns associated with fire. Feature of these relief rings is in that these drawings always look differently. The picture created by fire will always be original. Fire tongues always have the different height, dynamicsand color, depending on the burning wood.

The simple protective metalcircle for center can be made by own hands. Fire pit ring diycan be made having certain abilities in the field of metal working. At the choice material for ring is necessary to choose high-strength steel steady to thermal influence. Except simple steel possible to use stainless steel or pig-iron. For bigger durability is possible to take corrugated sheet of metal. It will give to design better durability.

Steel rings a necessary thing for protection of the center, and decorative circles are excellent ornament. You shouldn’t underestimate both with their functional and esthetic importance.


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